Friday, June 1, 2012

How to Build a Loyal Client Base

Companies believe that their customer service is better than the competition. But the truth is that service queues remain long and that these companies fail to use their customer data effectively. There are several ways to create client loyalty and provide better customer service.


Company success is based upon the deep-seated culture connected with customer service. It is possible to make certain that each stakeholder in the company, from the receptionist to the CEO is focused on pleasing customers in every way, whether it includes new company products, services or initiatives.

Listen to Clients

When you address customers needs, listen to them first. Know the issues first, listen to your clients and acknowledge whatever they say. Acknowledgement will make them feel that their needs and issues are met. Not only listen, but also act on your customers feedback, whether its through product improvements are extending customer outreach.

Connect with your Clients

There are many ways to connect with your clients to create and build loyalty interactions during the sale (point of sale), mystery shopping strategies (or secret customer programs), survey with incentives, and telephone sales. Proper use of these methods can help you develop a better understanding of your customers and their experience with your products and services.

Evaluate your Progress

Use various combinations of techniques to evaluate your progress. Some examples are web feedback, call satisfaction reports, or software and programs that measure areas like brand advocacy. Evaluate the levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and pinpoint where you are doing the right things or identify the areas where you can make improvements.

The truth is that organizations today need to be smarter, faster and use a laser-accurate message with correct timing and phase of relevancy. This is not when you want to reach out to your clients but when they start to speak with you.

Build Camaraderie Through Technology and Adaptive Customer Service

Many businesses now interact with their customers and clients by using the latest technology gadgets and applications. These technology advances make business transactions faster and more personalized. Integrating your core business values into all business activities to support your clients and customers will be the trademark of your success. Below are more ideas to help you communicate with your customers, get close and build good, lasting relationships with your clients.

Tips on How to Get Close to Your Clients

  • Involve your clients in product development.
  • Acknowledge the important events of your major clients, such as anniversaries, completion of major milestones, etc
  • Be familiar with your clients across different channels of interaction, whether they are actually in your office or store, or interacting with you online.
  • Listen.
  • Keep talking to customers and use their constructive feedback to shape your future plans. Tell them exactly what you've done to address their views.

Ideas for Communicating with Clients

  • Deliver customer service in the way your clients want, not the way that you want. Have these communication channels available for them - by phone, email, web or social media or whatever channel that makes sense.
  • Be available. Clients progressively expect that full and immediate attention. Make sure you're your company through respective customer service, triage or front desk are always contactable.
  • Integrate your fixed and mobile communications. Fax, office computers and office phones with smartphones, laptops and other mobile gadgets.
  • Think about the profit. Consider any new investment in technology in terms of the customer satisfaction it can help to deliver as well as how much it costs.
  • Invest in development and training. Your people must know how to use the latest communications tools to keep customers coming back for more.

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