Friday, June 1, 2012

Avoid being labeled as a spammer or as an unprofessional entity

When speaking to potential clients, new clients, and old there is a certain amount of professionalism that needs to appear in your writing, especially when sending emails and such. Here are 20 helpful ways to avoid being labeled as a spammer or as an unprofessional entity.
Make Clear Objectives: All of your marketing goals and communications should be backed by clear objectives. Be sure to check that you are inviting, informative, inspiring, and building your list and relationships.
Your Audience Doesn't Owe You: Having friends or contacts on LinkedIn doesn't mean they have to listen to what you are saying, nor your business products. You should focus more on trying to bring them into your marketing plot rather than think they are already there.
Get to Know Your Audience: Set specific time out to get to know your audience. Creating connections can really help a business grow and stretch. Also, the better you get to know your customers, the better you can serve their needs.
Make Connections with the Audience: Getting to know your audience is the first step, after that, work on building your connection to them. If you send out cookie cutter messages, expect the same in return.
Be Inspirational and Relevant: It's important to incorporate personality and variety into your content, but be sure to always make is relevant to your cause or business.
Be the Reader: Starting and running a business is fun, exciting and also stressful. Making sure your content reaches people is one of the most important parts. To make sure there is a higher chance of people reading your emails and other content, read it yourself and become a customer. Do you find it worthwhile? What can you do to improve it? Avoid impersonal, spammy content.
Clearly explain why you're Contacting So-and-So: Whoever you are reaching out to, tell them why in the clearest manner possible. They definitely want to know, and explaining it simply is best in the long run. Plus, they may have received other emails like yours, so make yours stand out.
A Clear Call of Action: What do you want from the reader? Don't beat around the bush; explain to them what you need from them. The simpler the better, and don't hide it in lengthy paragraphs. They won't search for the answer.
Relevant Content for your Objectives: If your objective is to generate sales, invite them in to take a look around. Tell them that's what your there for, without too much "salesy" stuff. Build your content like you build your relationships, clear, to the point, but friendly and informative. Make sure to add links to your Facebook, Twitter, Website and such so they can get more information if they please.
Define the Sales Path and Where the Customer should go: Explain where to go to make a purchase, or other things they could do if they aren't ready for a purchase. This may mean information about coupons, upcoming sales, or invite them to your newsletter for more information in the future.
Don't be a Spammer: Don't build content that is solely about you. Build relationships and focus on the audience. This will drive them to your site, knowing they can get help from you.
Send out Invites: Don't be weary of asking customers to come and join the same communities you are a part of. Send out invitations or URLs from your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs and website accounts.
Be Unique: Be real. Be original. Definitely don't be someone that your aren't.
Acceptance: Feedback is necessary, whether good or bad, take it all. It will help you to provide for your customers better.
Laziness is a No-No: Don't perform copy and paste methods for your email's content. Take some time, and develop new refreshing content so your reader knows that it's important to you. When you take the time to write something new, or rewrite your old words, it provides a sense of value to your customers.
Don't take Advantage of People's time or Social Sites options: LinkedIn allows for you to send out 500 of the same email out to your contacts. Although it's a very nice option for the spreading the word, don't over use it. You can get labeled a spammer that way.
Your Network is Valuable: Most likely your customer's trust you and that's why they've connected and stayed that way. Don't misuse their presence. As stated in the tip above, you shouldn't take advantage of your clients and become a spammer.
Always act as if your Audience is Smarter than you: Most people make the mistake that others are dumber than them. We aren't here to judge, but mostly, you don't want your audience to think that you think they are dumb. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Respect them, value them, and don't spam them!
Test your Methods: Send out your messages, processes, and other methods to different audiences and take note of their response. If something doesn't work, throw it out, and if something works really well, then you know what step to take next. It's all trial and error until you find your niche.
Mistakes: Are Okay! Of course, you don't want to make this a habit, but its life and mistakes do happen. Just be smart and learn from them.
I have shared with your several different ways to avoid failed or failing social media relationships. This should help you in the long run and give you a guideline for your next writing task.
Take Care!

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