Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Business Software and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems - Why Your Business Needs Them!

Thanks to the expanding global workforce, heightened competition, and the continued need to cut costs and drive productivity, companies today are facing a new array of challenges. Many organizations have employees working out of the office, whether it's your traveling salesperson, or workers in other states, countries, or from home. Collaborating as a unified team (Workforce Collaboration) has never been more crucial and sharing information with a teammate in the next cubicle is only a small piece of the puzzle. That's where Business Software and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications come in.

CRM programs enable businesses to centrally access and manage customer information. Whether information is being shared amongst a large group, such as in a call center or simply between a few employees in a small business, it has to be accurate and reliable. In order to retain customers, their information needs to be recorded securely and correctly. Most people have encountered the reverse of this scenario and know how infuriating it can be when companies have poor organization and communication among their workers. To ensure your customers are satisfied, you need to stand above the rest and have an information hub where all workers have access to vital information about customers. This will help you achieve proper customer service, sales, marketing, and to unite all departments of your business. CRM's make Workforce Collaboration easier than ever!

Of course, not all team members should have access to the same information, and that's why certain CRM applications enable you to share information with your team members securely and with necessary territorial controls. That means team leaders can view more information and each department will see all relevant information. This ensures excellent Project Management for any organization, which is vital to your success.

CRM applications help all companies reduce the time and complexity it takes to report individual sales activities. Without a CRM, your workers will require an extra 64 to 70 hours per week! For instance, it will take 4-6 hours to consolidate, view, and analyze information about all customer contacts and engagements, current opportunities, probability of success, etc. Another 8-10 hours to get accurate activity reports from staff (not including the time it takes them to create those reports). Add 2-4 hours to find key potential prospects so that you target the right customers, or weed out the poor prospects. Finally, add on another 1/2 hour or so to research each customer regarding past history, needs, etc.

Any company that needs Process Improvement will find that in order to be more effective and cost efficient, a system of Sales Force Automation must be implemented. Certain CRM systems can significantly reduce wasted time and increase sales. Not only is Sales Force Automation important to sales teams, companies are increasingly required to automate common practices and processes. Sending emails to clients, entering vital information, and other crucial steps are automated with popular CRM applications to reduce wasted time of manually performing mundane tasks.

CRM applications make Project Management easier for company leaders with simple ways to monitor and measure individual and team success. Workers perform best when they have a clear-cut way to measure their success and see improvement. Of course, by measuring success, rewards can be given to enhance team morale! Employees that are struggling to perform can be encouraged and further trained to boost productivity. Everyone in the business world is competitive, especially salespeople; that's the point of quotas and commissions. When reps see how their doing against their quota, or even against other reps, that is encouragement to do better.

With handy tools in CRM applications, your company can effectively improve Workflow by targeting a) prospects for new business and b) existing customers for repeat business. This is a crucial tool to reduce wasted time and eliminate bothering the wrong customers. Your team will be able to quickly divide lead lists into groups that you create such as by ZIP code or last date of purchase. This enables your sales team to slice and dice their customer data to find the best approach. Creating "data policies" is a great way to do that. For example, if a new prospect is introduced and there is data indicating their interest in "Trucks," a completely different selling process can start for that prospect.

As times have changed, a simple phone call or visit isn't always enough. CRM applications will provide you with multiple ways to communicate to customers such as email marketing campaigns. By combining CRM Sales Force Automation data management and email campaigning in one application, you can specify your lead, prospect, and account targets, embedded personal information into each email, and measure results across your sales cycle.

Your CRM will make it easier to target the right customers with email lists and to make sure your message isn't viewed as spam by filters or customers! Newsletters make excellent campaigns to provide your reader with information that will help them improve their situation in an unobtrusive way. Meanwhile, it positions you as a reputable source of useful information. The better your content is, the better your chance that they will forward the newsletter to colleagues and peers or look forward to the next email from you. Your CRM will assist you in your email campaign efforts by offering simple templates in HTML form and providing you with statistics such as: who opened the email, who clicked on your link from the email, who unsubscribed, etc. Creating automated callback lists for customers who appeared to be interested (clicked on links, opened email, etc.) is a highly successful tool.

A CRM application will enable your organization to build on customer data with information relating to: opportunities, products, services, projects, customer feedback, referrals, accounting, and more. A Sales Force Automation CRM will automate processes that used to take days and will simplify it!

The answer to the problems associated with the expanding global workforce is through Web Collaboration technologies. This means operating a successful CRM and Business Software system for your company. You can be sure to:

- Win Customers: Nothing will be left to chance. From the first contact through first sale, everything is tracked.

- Work Together: It doesn't matter where you employees are in the office, state, country, or world, they will have the information they need to close more deals.

- Work Smarter: Working smarter is better than harder. It helps cut wasted time, efforts, and money! You have the reporting data you need to make great decisions.

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