Thursday, May 17, 2012

Key Components to Any Successful Social Marketing Platform

A two way conversation with potential customers or "engagement" is the buzzword in the social networking circles these days. If this is the truth, what could be the building blocks that facilitate such conversations? A company that has a web presence via a website or pay per click advertisements may not really make an impact because people today are more information savvy, are more empowered and smarter than ever before. To reach these clients takes more than a couple of paid advertisements, one needs to have informative and responsive communication tools since it involves more than one and off solution. There is no comprehensive approach that utilizes modern web strategies like social marketing, the promotion of products and business through social networks. Here are a few forms of social marketing strategies a company may make use of:

1. Blogging - a company blog will help accomplish a number of goals in creating a successful social marketing strategy. The most important thing is that the blog will be a way to provide fresh, relevant information to the audience and allow them to react to it in order to draw a way forward and evaluate the move. Real Simple Syndication (RSS) has made it very easy for people to subscribe to blogs and have their favorite blogs appear on their blog readers or mobile devices. A company blog will help build a community of loyal followers but the topics in discussion must be of casual nature, should be informative and must have tips and hints on the industry.

2. Social networks - Tapping into the power of personal networks and creating a company profiles on the leading social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can help a company attract visitors to their static pages. This is largely because the pages are more interactive, current, social in nature and always updated, What is more, it is even possible to use plugins to configure blog and forum feeds automatically to each a wide client base with one move. In a nutshell, this is the best and most profitable social marketing channel and most companies are now establishing their presence on these pages.

3. Article marketing - Information is power and everyone knows that. This is why most people will often turn to article directories to find information they seek. Article social marketing involves coming up with informative newsletter- type articles to be distributed free to online editors. This is a perfect opportunity for a company to build relevant, professional inbound links to their web pages. Customers will often feel the benefit of getting the informative articles and they will appreciate and even follow the links to your site as a way to show trust on the advice given.

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